Greetings from the Ocean Bed Feb 20th 2016.

Waves hello from ice and snow

Actually , it's just a small bit snowy and icy and has not been anywhere near as cold as last winter was here.....which has been good...
We have been living in Toronto again but we'll only be here for a short while more....and going to make the very most of the last few weeks.
We travel to WAKEFIELD,QUEBEC next weekend (27th feb) to play at The Blacksheep Inn. I have heard only amazing things about this venue and the folks who have played there so I am really looking forward to expectations are high but vague....(no pressure Wakefield)....
The following weekend we are playing in the stunningly beautiful ALBRIGHT KNOX GALLERY, BUFFALO (mar 4th). The art alone would put you in a swoon....I have even more vague and just as high expectations of playing there.....all those paintings will transport us somewhere....anyone who is coming to that show, try to make it an hour earlier so that you have loads of time to see the art there's really worth it.

I hope you are all holding on ok, this has been a shocking year for loss.

Most recently our friend and compadre Fergus O Farrell left the earth.
We were so saddened by it , but are trying to look at things a different way and not be sad. Trying to be glad for the life and not sad for the loss.
Lots of you will know Ferg and his music and maybe have seen him perform........if you haven't heard him sing I would make it your business to. His voice was a divine instrument and nobody played piano like him. He released an album with his band Interference which you can find, we recorded songs with him on Charm and on Mutter and more recently his song Gold was in the movie and musical Once. He will be hugely missed but we have the songs and the sound of him forever.

I love that we are gypsies and make the world our home but when something fundamental happens you want to be near your want to be around people who understand things without you having to use a lot of words.

We were lonely and wanted to roam we decided on a little roadtrip to see some friends in Nashville. We had never been there before so it was fun to see it....and our friends have lived there a long time so they could show us some great things. The Tenessee countryside is really worth a look , charming and sortof dignified.
From Franklin to Fry such a different living.

The city is hard to find in a quick visit. The centre is very small, pretty , would have to delve for more time to winkle out the beautiful things......
It was really lovely to be around friends and they brought us to the best band you will find there......oh wow, if you go visiting Nashville make sure you build in a Monday night so that you can see the Timejumpers in 3rd &Lindsley. An incredible band made up of extraodinary musicians....the lineup changes a bit depending on who is out on the road but they are magic. 3 fiddle players ripping it up and such immense quiet confidence and pride. I don't think I am explaining it very well but it was a beautiful experience. 10 great musicians onstage the night we were there....each as good as the other...taking turns in being brilliant without any grandstanding or bluster....tuneful magic.

We will take a couple of weeks to settle in at home then we are off to Europe in April. Keep an eye on the website but it looks like Switzerland and Spain at the moment.

We will see you there or here or somewhere on the way.

(For those who are in mourning I commiserate, I empathise......I don't really have any good words, I'm not great around death..........all I know is that we have to do something worthwhile with our hours of living)

Take care of yourselves and each other



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