Greetings from the Ocean Bed June 15 2015.

Hi Summerlings

(IS IT REAL? IS IT REALLY HERE) *looks happily out window at warmth*

My twitter exploded over the weekend after Orphan Black episode 309 aired so I thought I'd share a bit of the journey and some new songs with you .

The OB creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett came to see one of our shows in Toronto and the idea of me singing as Mrs. S was born. They knew I was a singer but had no idea what that meant really, until they saw a show.
I was a little trepidatious (that's possibly not a real word ) , singing and acting are separate things to me and the context needed to be right, and to make sense for both my character and my music. It was one of our own songs that they wanted to feature.
I have to give all credit to Graeme and John , they are generous in their process, they know how important music is to me and that I wouldn't be up for it if I felt it wasn't right. They wanted Kieran & I to be a part of the decision (and even persuaded him to do a cameo!)
We all met up together and a big listening session ensued. STUCK was the song that we kept coming back to, but knowing more about the background to the scene we decided to go in and record a shorter new version ,just for those moments.

I can't thank you all enough for watching, listening and spreading the word about that and more of our music.
Hmmmmmmm, maybe I'll become an overnight sensation at 50!

To celebrate, we have released 3 new versions of STUCK -1 Stuck (Orphan Black 309 Version), -2 Stuck (Extended Indie Version) and -3 Stuck (Epic Version) .
They're all available on Amazon right now and will be up in iTunes (probably tomorrow!)

Going through a lot of material together for that first listening session , Kieran and I were both amazed at how much we LOVED some songs that no-one else has ever heard. It seemed a shame to keep them in the dark, they are so worthy of listening.
Mutter was a really complicated album to make.....I love it , what we did, but I was searching for something that I couldn't quite grasp for a long time. We made that album probably 4 different ways before I was able to let it go.......some of the versions we recorded are incredible in their own right (Queenie is probably my current favourite) ..........they didn't for some reason fit with the Mutter that came together as a final entity......

We hereby give you------- MUTTER's DAUGHTER
A collection of beautiful outakes from Mutter

To thank you all for being here on the mailing list and coming to the shows and (truthfully) keeping us going, we would like to offer the album FREE to any of you who'ld like to hear it.
Just click reply and Mermaid will email by wetransfer to your inbox.

For anyone who wants a live experience ,We are gigging througout Ireland in the special summer shows we like to do and have one in Toronto in October.

Loads more news by September!

Take care and thanks for all



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