Greetings from the Ocean Bed March 22nd 2014.

Welcome to Spring...... It is beautifully sunny but still sort-of freezing-cold--in-the-wind here (Dublin) ....feels like Spring as Sprung was a long winter.
How are you all? I am really sorry but there have been too many emails in to us over the past while, to be able to respond to them all personally , if I tried to do that, I would NEVER see my children, but KK and I both really do appreciate them
One thing that kept coming up in your requests was the possibility of a live album....... Something that was an ACTUAL replica of the gigs............SING was fairly stripped down as our albums go , but of course there are contributions from other singers and players and I couldn't resist the odd harmony ........more and more, the gig-going among you asked for a version of exactly what they had just heard



We worked on something for our Swiss tour in January then came home did some more work (I use the word *work* very lightly with regard to my own efforts on this fairness, KK did it all and I swanned in every so often for a listen)
It is beautiful though, and COMPLETELY LIVE! MISTAKES AND ALL.....

I know I don't have quite as many followers as Beyonce ........but in the spirit of *no advance warning whatsoever* feel free to go ahead and BREAK TWITTER (or FB if that's your thing) in telling the world about it!

We would love it to travel as far as possible.
We will do a show in Dublin I think (looks like May) and a couple in the US in early May so u can hear it all again , and we'll be trying out a couple of new songs then too. We have just started work on new you know it takes me a while.......excited though, VERY.


One of the most amazing people in the world, ever, passed away last month. He was a friend , a mentor of sorts for me , the inspiration for the song SWOON and so much more. His name is Patrick Scott and if you are not aware of his beautiful work you can see it on the homepage of my website. If you're in Ireland there is a retrospective of his work currently showing in IMMA in Dublin and VISUAL in Carlow.
I miss him

OTHER STUFF.........

We have a spoken word album that is almost ready....a new thing for us......Lorca's poetry accompanied by an instrumental soundtrack composed by KK. I'll give you a sneak preview when it's readier.....

I'll be talking in one of the Banters during the Cúirt festival in Galway and doing a reading in Dublin for the UNESCO night of Literature in May.
For anyone interested in more live stuff we will be on the radio next week to promote MARIA LIVE .... Pat Kenny on Thurs. and Miriam O Callaghan on Sun , and we were on IMEALL last night on TG4 (you can get it on the player)

Other things too in-the-making but too raw yet to be writing about, More info when a bit-further on.

I will love you and leave you for now.
Take care


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