Greetings from the Ocean Bed Christmas Gift 2013
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Greetings from the Ocean Bed Dec 18th 2013.


I CANNOT BELIEVE that we are the other end of this year. It has been a big one for us with even more travelling than we are used to.
We had the great fortune of bringing SING to a lot of you, it is still what we love most (playing live) I hope it will always be so.
We played a lot of shows at home, travelled to see some of you in Switzerland, Czech ,the US and Canada again ........and made our very first trips to Serbia and Paraguay.
Literally every single night is different , THANK YOU for coming to see us and bringing what you bring to the shows.

There was lots of other inspiring stuff around too, most recently we saw a fantastic Joseph Arthur show and i went to a production of DESH that literally blew me away, (if you ever have the chance to see it you really should) ......DruidMurphy was so powerful and I'm still seeing images from Alice Maher's retrospective in my mind.

There was some filming too in between gigs.....I had the chance to play (and learn about) a fairly outrageous Irish woman called Eliza Lynch...the documentary about her life is coming to the Dublin Film Festival in Feb 2014 ......and I had a bit in the Wachowskis new film-Jupiter Ascending..... An amazing experience for the opportunity to get to know them.... If you have never seen Lana Wachowski's coming out speech (it's about 25 mins long, SO worth it) google it right now. I love them and their way of working.
Orphan Black is back for season 2 , Toronto becoming a great welcome for us since we played another show there and met some of the local musicians.......

There have been some difficult things too this year.......someone very close to us became ill and life changed in the blink of an eye for them and all around them........
I think we were appreciative of our lives and energy already but we have become even more so....there is no time to can sleep when you're dead.....
It spurred us to try to do even more of the things we think about late at night ( our heads are ALWAYS full of dreams and schemes)..... We did some touring with Heathers who we love and put a special show together with writer Peter Murphy for Electric Picnic. There are some other projects in the pipeline but they will take a bit longer to come to fruition so I won't jinx them by talking about them too soon........ And mOST IMPoRTANtLY ......we have made some space , through stopping gigging for a while , to let the songs for the next album in. ( we are obsessed with 50cent at the moment so I'm not sure where that'll go....!)

We will break out a few shows this year to road test the new songs ( beginning as always in SWITZERLAND IN JANUARY) and then a show in NEW YORK in FEBRUARY..
All deets for shows will always be up on the website

I think I always end up saying that I'm sorry I don't write to you more.....and I am! is not , for a second, that I take your support for is just that I'm busy growing boys and songs....... And have just about enough hours in the day......

Have a lovely Christmas and we will see you somewhere on the road next year.



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