She walks across the mountain singing
Down through the town with her skirt hem swinging
Stopped at the well just to quench her song
A flick of i tention and the damage was done
And the sweet little boy
Never knew what hit him

Come back she said
Come back to the mountain
And we'll make love and live as in Heaven
I will feed you from the Orange tree
We'll be as happy as two honeys can be
And the sweet little boy
Thought his ship had come in

He is the Joy
and I will have him for my own
He is the Joy
And I will gather him up and bring him home

Hola Luna Hola Hola

He followed her back for the promise of Loving
And as good a her word they lived as in Heaven
The boy grew restless for the town below
Luna didn't ever want to leave him go
And the mountain shook
Because it knew what was coming

He crept one night as Luna lay sleeping
And her dreams grew cold as she felt him leaving
The stars cried Luna please hold on
She jumped off into the arms of the Moon
And forevermore
He would hear her singing

He is the Joy
And I will have him for my own
He is the Joy
If I can't have him then I will have none

Hola luna Hola Hola